Is Casino Room worth your attention?

In the later part of the last decade there was a boom when it came to online casinos. There was an attitude floating around the industry, that all it took to succeed as an online casino was a generic framework and an above average sign-up bonus. As time has gone by it has become clear that such isn’t the case, as it takes much more to become a name in the industry. So many of these upstart casinos would fall by the wayside as time passed, but there is one casino in particular that weathered the storm and come out as one of the few online casinos from that era to survive. Casino Room is one of those casinos that seems to feature in the middle of the road, but in 2015 they seem to be shaking off such tag, and after reading a positive reviews of them on another gambling blog,, I decided to give them a try.

It’s all in the games

3D animated games have been such a revelation in the world of online gambling, but you would be surprised to hear that many online casinos were reluctant to adopt such titles. Casino Room backed developers like BetSoft and introduced 3D games into their ranks early. That isn’t the only innovation that Casino Room has been a part of. As they offer players access to live casino games such as roulette, blackjack, and the not so seldom seen baccarat. Innovation may be one thing, but that doesn’t mean that Casino Room have neglected things on the traditional game front. You’ll find that all your favourites from NetEnt and OnGame are hear, along with classic table games such as casino hold ‘em, blackjack, roulette and baccarat. Casino Room offer players over 100 games and while this number may not be as high as other online casinos, the depth found is very impressive.

Money for nothing

Promotions may not be all players should look out for, but there is no doubt that online casinos in 2015 should be paying out in such department to get your custom. The problem with Casino Room has always been that there wasn’t much clarity when it came to bonuses. In many ways that is still the case, as it all depends on the day when it comes to the type of casino bonus you will receive. However, their VIP status has never been easier to obtain or more rewarding for that matter. Based on an old school points system, plays can accumulate them via games and deposits, with bonuses coming quarterly that include, cash back, free spins, tournaments spots, and much more.

Help is on hand

Casino Room break from the norm a touch when it comes to customer support. This is because they run a 24/7 setup, so no matter the day or the hour someone will be on hand to help you should you encounter any problems. Phone, email, and live chat options are available, along with one other unique support route. Casino Room are the first online casino I have seen to offer Skype support to their customers. Such a direct way of helping customers is a refreshing innovation that other online casinos should consider copying.

Stepping up

Casino Room may have come around late in the day, but to label them as another “average” casino would be hugely unfair. They gave grown to become a casino that isn’t afraid to take a risk and try new things, which I found to be refreshing in today’s environment. While the amount of games on show may be a little too limited for some, there is no doubt that Casino Room offers an entertaining gambling experience that is definitely worthy of your attention.

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