The basics of free spin bonuses explained

When it comes to online casino bonuses for slots players, free spins are arguably as big as it gets. Simply Google the term and you are going to see thousands upon thousands of search results related to free spin bonuses. In fact, every which way you turn you are going to see tempting offers related to the slot games that players love so much. While free spin bonuses are undoubtedly common, there is still plenty about them that leaves players confused. If you have your eye on a free spin bonus, but want the concept clarified first, then the following information will be of use to you.

How do you define a free spin bonus?

A free spin bonus is fairly self-explanatory on the surface. It is an offer that provides players with free spins of the reels on one or a selection of online casino slot games.

How can you get your hands on a free spins bonus?

There are a number of ways to get your hands on free spin bonuses, but one approach tends to be more popular than the others. It was once a case that you would have to be willing to undertake plenty of manual research in order to find a free spins bonus, but online casino portals have changed that approach. Bringing together information from all the corners of the Internet, finding a free spin bonus has never been easier. Free spins bonuses are usually issued to players as a sign-up incentive, often through the input of a promotional code and/or initial deposit.

How do you use free spins correctly?

You’ve done the research, you’ve found a great free spins bonus, and it is now in your account, but what now? Using a free spins bonus is actually pretty simple. Simply find a game you like and as long as it is applicable to the bonus then you are free to spin away.

What are the common free spin restrictions?

Online casino operators are by no means a charitable bunch. They only give out free spins bonuses as a means to draw you in, which means the bonuses sometimes aren’t what they seem. In most instances they come loaded with restrictions that hamper their use. Initially you need to be aware of the fact that wagering requirements are attached to practically all free spin bonuses. This means that you need to turnover the free spin amount and related winnings in order for it to become cashable. Other free spin bonus related restrictions included time caps, game locks, and withdrawal limits.

Where can you find more information related to free spin bonuses?

The above has talked you through the basics of free spin bonuses. If you require more information about their uses and availability, either go online to the many casino forums that are around. Also make sure to check with each casino that you play on, what sort of conditions apply to your bonus.

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The ins and outs of Blackjack

Blackjack is not only an easy game to master, it’s an extremely popular online casino game that many play for fun, as well as to win. With more players choosing this game over craps, roulette and baccarat combined, it’s little wonder so many casinos are offering it today.

In order to play the game, you must begin by learning the rules – this involves learning the value of each card. Blackjack uses a standard deck of cards and each card in the deck has a value that remains stable throughout the game.

Number cards are valued at their face value, picture cards (including the Jack, Queen and King) are all valued at 10 and the Ace (the most versatile card in the game of Blackjack) is valued at a total of 1 or 11. The best hand you can receive is an Ace and a picture card as this equals to blackjack.

The second thing you should learn when playing the game of blackjack is that there are many choices available. There are two basic moves to take into consideration, these include ‘standing’ and ‘hitting’. If you choose to ‘hit’, this means you will receive another card. If you choose to ‘stand’ you simply keep your existing cards and stay as you are. There are other moves available, which include taking insurance, doubling down, splitting and surrendering.

Taking insurance: This move can only be made when the dealer is showing an Ace. Players are able to place a new bet that will pay out at 2-1 if the dealer does have a blackjack. However, if you lose your other bet (which would originally have paid out 1-1) you win the insurance. This results in an even break.

Double Down: This requires the player to double their bet. However, they’ll only be allowed to draw one more card. This is commonly applied to game play when two cards equal to a total of 8-11 or a soft 12 to a soft 19.

Split: Just as it suggests, splitting makes two hands from one hand. This only applies if both cards equal to the same value. In most cases, Tens, Jacks, Queens, and Kings are typically equal to a value of 10 each. When you split, if both of your hands are winning hands, you will get double the amount. On the other hand, if only one wins, you will break even, and if both hands lose, you will lose double the amount wagered.

Surrender: Most online casinos and land-based venues will allow you to play a move called ‘surrender’. This entitles players to (only before playing and after deciding whether or not the croupier has a blackjack) to give up half of their wager without actually taking part in the game. This particular tactic is generally only used when the dealer is showing a certain hand, and the player has a total between 5-7 or 12-16.

Learning these tips and tricks will certainly help you when it comes to playing for big money. If, however you choose to dive in head first without reading up on any rules, tactics or strategies then you’re most likely setting yourself up for a fail. With so many available sources available online, players in this day and age have no excuse not to learn a handful of strategies, all of which can be applied to the game of blackjack. For the latest tips and tricks, check out casino portals like CasinoSwe, where you can find both strategy guide, as well as reviews over popular roulette based online casinos such as Leo Vegas. If you have any of your own tried and tested strategies, you may even wish to swap these with other players too!


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