Different forms of blackjack

After reading through our initial blackjack variation breakdown, you have been given a brief taster of what’s available, but that isn’t all you’ll find online. Next time you visit an online casino portal, keep an eye for the following blackjack variations if you want to mix up your online blackjack playing experience – You can find guides to to learn blackjack at sites like CasinoRaters.

High Streak Blackjack – Almost completely online exclusive, High Streak Blackjack is slowly becoming the guilty pleasure of many an online blackjack player. The reason for its popularity comes from the fact that it rewards players who can read the deck and stay on tempo as the game is played. Expect High Streak Blackjack to offer a faster online blackjack experience than the standard version of the game.

Matchplay 21 Blackjack – Popular at land-based casinos, but also gaining a following online, Matchplay 21 Blackjack adds increased payouts and jackpots to the game. It qualifies as an “increased ante” online blackjack variation; making it a true high stakes option for players. When you play Macthpay 21 Blackjack you can undoubtedly win big, but be prepared to pay-in big in order to do so.

Multi-Hand Blackjack – Online exclusive and a game that is perfect for players who like to keep plenty of cards in the air. A common variation, Multi-Hand Blackjack involves managing multiple-hands at once during a game. While common Multi-Hand Blackjack can often prove to be an intense twist on the traditional blackjack setup.

Perfect Pairs Blackjack – This variation has emerged from the streets of jolly old England and is now a feature at online casinos the world over. Consisting of a high house edge, it is a game that requires some true British stiff upper lip to play properly. The difficulty comes through the side bets involved, as players need to land certain pairs and colour mixes in order to increase their winnings.

Pitch Blackjack – Regularly referred to as single-deck or double-blackjack, Pitch Blackjack sticks closely to the original rules of the game, but does require a different approach in order to find success. The game automatically assumes that you are counting cards, so the minimum pay-in is increased in order to keep players on their toes.

Pontoon – A globally known blackjack variation and one that also emerged from England. Pontoon differs from the norm when it comes to betting mechanics. Players are not allowed to stand on card totals under 21, but betting after buying and doubling down is allowed. Five card tricks are implemented too; meaning any five-card hand under 21 automatically beats whatever the dealer has.

Spanish 21 – Removing all the 10s and favouring the house. Spanish 21 does away with the usual rules and puts players on the back foot from the outset. While fun to play, Spanish 21 is a game for those who fancy a real challenge when they play online blackjack.

Super Fun 21 – Frantic and fun, Super Fun 21 is an interesting twist on the game of blackjack. Crazy in many aspects, that hands really do fly in this variation and players will need to be ‘in the zone’ in order to find true success.

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