Google Nexus Phones

When the android operative system was being launched in 2007 it immediately had an impact on the mobile market. It quickly became one of the most popular operative systems for mobile phones, and had over 43% in the United States in 2010. When people speak of smartphones today, they will generally speak of either Android phones or their biggest competition, the Apple iPhone.

As google released the Android operative system, they also started their own line of mobile phones, the Nexus phone. These phones are released by Google, but are co-developed with other mobile equipment developers. . They launched the first Nexus phone, Nexus One, with HTC, and this was the first mobile phone to use the Android 2.1 operative system. As the model became an instant success they later released the next two models in the line with popular mobile company Samsung. The Nexus S and Nexus Galaxy, the latter being launched in conjunction with the new Android 4.0 system.

The next two in line, Nexus 4 and 5 were manufactured by LG. Nexus 5 was released in October 2013 and is the most advanced mobile phone to date. It has a 1920 × 1080 pixel resolution as well as a 1.3 megapixel camera.

So what’s so good about the Nexus line of phones? Well, for starters, it’s the essential phone for Android fans. Nexus phones are always launched coinciding with the release of the latest Android system, so that when you buy a new nexus phone, you will have an updated version of your favorite operative system, that won’t be available for other phones for a while.

Secondly, the Nexus phones are well known for being reliable mobile devices with a lot of different functions. By using Google Play, you get access to hundreds of thousands of applications that you can download to further extend the usability of your phone. You get access to several sources of entertainment such as films, music, games as well as online gaming such as casino games.

In my own opinion, I would always prefer a Nexus phone in favor of an iPhone. There are several reasons as to why this is, but mainly it’s the freedom that the Android system gives you. People using apple products often feel locked up in the “Apple world”, which isn’t as varied and diverse as the Android system. In my opinion, I think that Nexus phones both look and feel better than an iPhone. Usually, Apple are known to overprice their products which is something that isn’t as apparent with Nexus phones.

As for the latest version in the series, the Nexus 5, there has already been an updated model released on the market. The original phone was released on the 31st of October 2013, and the updated version was released in December. The changes are only minor, however. The new version comes with bigger speakers as well as well as new microphone holes, which allows the user to experience louder audio.

Making the most of mobile casino gaming

Online casino gaming has continued to increase in popularity since it came around about 10-15 years ago. Now it’s the most popular form of online gaming, and people from all around the world are continuously joining in this fun activity. It’s smart, fast and it could potentially make you a millionaire – What’s not to like? I started playing online casino games a couple of years ago after I had been on a ferry. Before this, I had no particular interest in gambling, but on this ferry, I and a friend spend quite some time at the slot machines, and we both got lucky and won a bit of money and, like that, I had found a really fun way to pass my time. So when I got back, I started looking for these machines here and there, but in all honesty they were usually found in shabby pubs, and that’s not the sort of environment I like to be in. My friend later suggested I’d try out playing casino games online, and so I started looking around the web for places to play.

As soon as I started to play I knew that this was the way to go. Online casinos have got so many different games to choose from, and should you get tired of the games at one casino site, there are hundreds of other waiting for you.

Nowadays, casino sites have started to develop their games so that they are compatible with mobile devices as well, which is something I appreciate massively. I think casino gaming is really the best way to spend time when you are waiting for something, like when you are travelling or when you are in a waiting room. All you need to do is to take up your phone and start spinning some slot machines and hope to get lucky.

So how do we make the most out of our mobile experience? I would suggest you visit a mobile casino portal such as, where you can find quite a lot of information about different operators. They usually have exclusive offers with certain operators so that you can get an extra bonus when you sign up using their links. Also, make sure that you select a casino that is in some way specialized in mobile gaming. Although there might be many sites offering mobile games, it’s much better to just choose one that is focusing in on that particular area, so that you know that you will get the highest quality games for example.

As, always, remember to gamble responsibly. When you have casino games on your phone it means that you can access them literally anywhere, so it’s easy to make a habit of just starting to play whenever you’re not doing anything. Therefore, always make sure to set up a gambling budget that you won’t exceed. This way, you’ll ever have to lose money that you can’t afford to lose, thus making every gaming session a positive experience where you can have fun and enjoy the games!

Bingo going mobile

I remember when i got my first computer during the 90’s, a time where the internet was still something you didn’t really know about. You could dial up on your modem and go online, but in all honesty there wasn’t that much to look at. I remember I thought it was much more fun to play around on Microsoft’s minesweeper, for example.

Fast forward 20 years and we live in a time where people wouldn’t survive without the internet. If the internet went down, everything would pretty much stop working. Our whole technology is based around it, and it has become an absolute vital part of our society. These days, we are not only connected to the internet when we are at home with our computers, but we can go online anywhere via our mobile phones. This, of course, is a great step forward, seeing that we can now use our phones to access all sorts of useful information online. If we need directions on how to reach a destination, for example, we no longer have to ask someone about it, we simple just pull up a map on our phone and it will tell us how to get here.

What’s even better is that we can now keep ourselves entertained wherever we are. I have been playing bingo for quite a long time, and I started out like so many others in the local bingo halls. Then, when online bingo came around, I would naturally sit at home and play on my computer as the games were much faster and more exciting, and I didn’t really see any use in going to the bingo hall anymore. Why waste the time?

For a couple of years now, quite a lot of bingo operators have made their games accessible on mobile devices, and I think this is a great step forward. I, for one, want to have access to the online bingo rooms wherever I am. I mean, can you think of anything better to do while you wait for your doctors appointment for example? I know that I would much rather enjoy an exciting game of bingo rather than having to look through an old copy of The Sun while I wait.

Do, there are several bingo operators now offering games on your mobile, and one that I’ve really started to like is Balloon Bingo. They are a relatively new bingo site, but have attracted a lot of attention lately, much thanks to their generous starting offers. I signed up and got £10 free, and a big 200% bonus when I made my first deposit, so you really have nothing to lose by trying it out. I like the fact that the rooms are not over crowded, and that there is usually a pretty good vibe amongst the players there. Of course, if you prefer bigger bingo rooms you could always visit classic sites like Maria Bingo or Bwin – Each to their own, I suppose!

Live casino or traditional online games?

A very common feature amongst online casino websites these days is the Live Casino. Marketed as a way to enjoy real life casino games from the comfort of your own home it has become a central part of casino gaming, and today most succesful casinos offer this type of feature. Personally, I do play live roulette and blackjack every now and then, but i wouldn’t really say that I’m very experienced at it, but I have seen both good and bad games. So in this post i wanted to try and determine which type of table games are the best: The traditional, graphically simulated games, or the the real live games? Of course, there are certainly more than just one opinion on this, so don’t take this post as facts. If you’d like to try these types of gaes out for free, visit Eurogambler, where you will be able to find a casino that offers free demos of these games!

Traditional online table games

Normally when you play at an online casino and you would like to play table games, you would go into the table games section and select one of the games. Here, you will then get in to a 3D graphic room, which simulates the outcome of every spin so that you can enjoy the game better. With today’s technology, the graphics are actually really nice, and you already have the “feel” of being in a real casino. The obvious advantage of playing these types of games is that you will be able to play much faster, which ca be important if you are paying certain systems, or if you are out to try to win money of a bonus or the like.

Live table games

Around 2010 was the first time I saw live games promoted at a casino, after i read about it on an online casino portal called What made it different from normal table games was that here, the game was actually being played in a real casino room, withreal dealers handing out cards or spinning the wheel on the roulette. This you can then see through a video stream, which then makes the games appear much more “real” than the simulated version. he obvious advantages here is of course that players can enjoy the game visually, and they get the feel of being in a real casino.

So which one of these are the best? Well, I personally prefer to play the traditional table games when i play online. They are quicker, i don’t risk getting interupted by bad stream etc. I think that if i had wanted to get the “real” feel of casino gaming, i would have just gone on a holiday to visit a real casino over a weekend, which obviously will be much better than being in front of your computer watching it. However, I do recommend that you try both types in order to find your own personal favorite, as I know that I have met several people who seem to disagree with me on this!

A sneak-peek into trading

If you have no previous experience in financials you’d probably think that financial trading is something that goes way above your head. Most people think that trading is something that’s done in the skyscrapers around wall street, but they couldn’t be more wrong. Ever since forex trading and binary options started to enter the trading scene, people have been flocking to it. These forms of trading now offers private people easy access to various markets in which they can trade in a fast paced environment.

When I first started trading I thought I was going to be overwhelmed, and that it would be much too complicated for a simple man like myself. But my cousin had already gotten in to it, and although he’s probably considered cleverer than me he kept trying to convince me in to giving it a try. So at his suggestion I went on a site that was specialized on binary options, in order to gain information. What I didn’t expect was that the website wasn’t full of long and complicated guides explaining analyses and what-have-you. Instead, it was offering rather simple guides explaining the trading process along with a few tips on how to get a good start. What I liked most about this was that instead of scaring you away by showing off the most advanced stuff, they were encouraging you to ease into it in order to give it a try and see if it’s something that you can do.

So after reading the guides provided on the website, I browsed through several binary brokers in their review section in order to find one that I thought would suit me. Finally I found one, and I then proceeded to create an account and making a deposit.

Now, I’m pretty careful by nature, so naturally I only deposited a small amount, $200, to begin with. This was money that I would be okay with losing, so that I knew I wasn’t taking any big risks. I think this is very important when you’re new to this. Start off small scale – there’s no need to shove all your money in to trading in the beginning when you are not entirely sure about what you’re doing.

So after a few weeks of trial and error I finally began to “get it”. I slowly started to work up more and more profits, and it was at this time I started to read the more advanced guides I could find online. They now seemed easier to understand as I had already learned the terms and lingo that is used in trading. By doing this it was much easier to grasp the concepts and use them to my advantage.

All in all it took me about a year before the real results started to come. These days, I would call myself a trading pro by any means, but I still make enough money to make a good addition to the salary that my daytime job pays me!