The basics of free spin bonuses explained

When it comes to online casino bonuses for slots players, free spins are arguably as big as it gets. Simply Google the term and you are going to see thousands upon thousands of search results related to free spin bonuses. In fact, every which way you turn you are going to see tempting offers related to the slot games that players love so much. While free spin bonuses are undoubtedly common, there is still plenty about them that leaves players confused. If you have your eye on a free spin bonus, but want the concept clarified first, then the following information will be of use to you.

How do you define a free spin bonus?

A free spin bonus is fairly self-explanatory on the surface. It is an offer that provides players with free spins of the reels on one or a selection of online casino slot games.

How can you get your hands on a free spins bonus?

There are a number of ways to get your hands on free spin bonuses, but one approach tends to be more popular than the others. It was once a case that you would have to be willing to undertake plenty of manual research in order to find a free spins bonus, but online casino portals have changed that approach. Bringing together information from all the corners of the Internet, finding a free spin bonus has never been easier. Free spins bonuses are usually issued to players as a sign-up incentive, often through the input of a promotional code and/or initial deposit.

How do you use free spins correctly?

You’ve done the research, you’ve found a great free spins bonus, and it is now in your account, but what now? Using a free spins bonus is actually pretty simple. Simply find a game you like and as long as it is applicable to the bonus then you are free to spin away.

What are the common free spin restrictions?

Online casino operators are by no means a charitable bunch. They only give out free spins bonuses as a means to draw you in, which means the bonuses sometimes aren’t what they seem. In most instances they come loaded with restrictions that hamper their use. Initially you need to be aware of the fact that wagering requirements are attached to practically all free spin bonuses. This means that you need to turnover the free spin amount and related winnings in order for it to become cashable. Other free spin bonus related restrictions included time caps, game locks, and withdrawal limits.

Where can you find more information related to free spin bonuses?

The above has talked you through the basics of free spin bonuses. If you require more information about their uses and availability, either go online to the many casino forums that are around. Also make sure to check with each casino that you play on, what sort of conditions apply to your bonus.

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Why you should start adopting an online casino portal as part of your playing strategy

When you think of the online casino industry in 2015 you think of a world that is both a luxurious and from time to time a little laborious too. The luxurious side of things comes in the realm of choice, because as a player things have never been better, as you won’t have ever seen such a vast and wide ranging selection of online casinos been as accessible before. This is because the industry has reached new heights, heights that have allowed new online casinos to launch regularly. The problems and laborious side of things comes from the increased choice and the bonuses being offered. While they are great to the naked eye, you need to think smart when it comes to such. But these days you no longer need to navigate the minefield of online casinos and online casino bonuses alone. Help is available through gaming hubs and casino portals, like for example, and here is why they should make up a key part of your online casino playing strategy.

Has an online casino captivated your attention? Are you wondering if the bonus they’re offering is up to muster? Well that is where an online casino portal can come to your aid. At time of writing there are over 1,000 online casinos that a player can pick from, with an online casino portal giving you a true view of what’s out there. From the localised up starts to the all-seeing, all- doing mainstream powerhouses, online casino portals will preview, review, and profile them all. What online casino portals do is get to the nucleus of what these casinos are about and help players determine whether they are really living up to the hype.

While on-site reviews are amazing at what they do. The hidden gem within the online casino portal landscape is the user comments section. Sometimes they are accused of hijacking online casino portals, but the reality is that they contain a wealth of important information. Player reviews and user comments will truly take you behind the curtain. Revealing the true inner workings of an online casino, these comments are often worth their weight in gold and should be ignored at your own peril. The fact is that players will never be able to reach all four corners of the online casino world on their own, with an online casino portal user comment section they don’t have to. They say that the devil is in the details when it comes to casino gaming and that is exactly what online casino portals provide players with.

The world of online casino gaming can be daunting; bonuses, numbers, game choice, and the rest can make it resemble a warzone at times. Smart players truly understand the importance of having an ally in battle, which is what an online casino portal represents. It can be your right hand man and come up trumps more often than not, which is why you should incorporate an online casino portal into you playing strategy today.

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Beginners Guide to Available Mobile Casinos

Online casino gaming has revolutionised the way players spin the slots and play the cards, but there is now an innovation that is looking to raise the bar even further. Mobile casinos have changed the way people think about gambling; of that there is no doubt. However, for all the innovation that developers such as Playtech, Microgaming, and IGT present, questions still remain with regards to where to play. Thankfully, our skilled team of mobile casino experts have trawled the big online casino portals like, and located what we think are the 9 very best mobile casinos today.

Jackpot Paradise – Going on popularity, Jackpot Paradise is right up there with the very best mobile casinos in world. Operated through a web browser, we found that it provides variety in abundance. While not a flashy mobile casino by any stretch, it’s easy to use UI and wide-ranging game selection make it a must try.

Gaming Club – From popularity to heritage, Gaming Club stands as one of the oldest mobile casinos in operation. Launching as an online platform way back in the mid 1990s, it was one of the first casinos to embrace the mobile generation, with Playtech backing them up every step of the way.

Lucky Nugget – The sister casino of Gaming Club and an app that has succeeded at creating a name all of its own. Lucky Nugget really means business as an independent operator, by bringing a notable choice of games and a massive sign-up bonus incentive. Want to cash-in before you even put a penny down? Then give Lucky Nugget a try.

Vegas Paradise – Its name says it all, as you are unlikely to find any other mobile casino that can truly rival the “Las Vegas experience”. What most players like and found interesting about Vegas Paradise is how professional the casino comes across in all of its operations.

Jackpot City – When it comes to player rewards, Jackpot City almost stands in a class all unto itself. The loyalty club scheme hands out bonuses regularly, with some of which being truly big in size. Playing at Jackpot City gives members the chance to truly having something for nothing.

Royal Vegas – Rolling out what many feel is the red carpet treatment, you will truly feel like a king or queen when you play at Royal Vegas. Featuring various triple-A games and a free bonus get started with, players can’t go wrong when they sign up here.

Platinum Play – Easy to recommend due to numbers alone, Platinum Play comes up trumps when it comes to game selection. Offering a simply huge number to choose from, Platinum Play represents the Microgaming back catalogue better than any other mobile casino.

Bet365 – Considered a leading name in the world of online casino gaming and notably no slouch when it comes to the realm of mobile casino gaming either. Offered in both browser and app form, Bet365 offer a great all-round mobile casino experience.

William Hill – Another leading online casino name that has branched out into the mobile realm with great success. William Hill stick to the basics to offer an unrivalled mobile casino platform, expect quality and reliability should you choose to play here.

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Play it safe with these free spin bonus gambling strategies

Depending on your outlook slot games will either be an open delight or a guilty pleasure, but whichever way you view them there is no denying that the online realm has made such games more fun than ever. Part of why slots appeal so much is because of the glamorous and often embellished stories that go along with the games. We have all heard the tall tales of players going all or nothing on the slots and winning big, but in reality tall tales is often all that these stories are. If you want to be a major success at online slots you need to understand that you need more than just luck. You need knowledge and flexibility to really be successful. Thankfully, when it comes to such we are here to help.

There are plenty rules to think about when you decide to play online slot games. Rule number one is that you must accept that there is a vast amount of variation to adapt to when you choose to play the slots. Every casino tends to be different with regards to the games they offer and the odds that the games feature. Different developers and pay-tables mean that it can all be a bit of a mind field. Before you start putting money into the game in front of you, you need to evaluate it for its rules, payout, and risk factor. If you don’t know the game or find that some elements of it are a little too risky then just don’t play it, it’s that simple. Remember, every online casino out there is looking to get their hands on your money. The problem is that some casinos and some games are more ruthless than others when it comes to such. It all means that you should feel comfortable where you’re playing and truly understand what odds and risks lay in front of you. A good way of finding a casino online that offers deals that are fair to the players is to visit sites like

While there is no denying the game itself and its features will determine how successful you, there are several elements within yourself you need to consider before you play. Everyone signs up to an online casino with a bankroll in mind, this means that you need to set your limits before you start wagering. The easiest way to control your gambling is to set a ‘loss border’ and a ‘target-winning amount’. The ‘loss border’ relates to how much you can honestly accept to lose when gambling on the slots, while the ‘target winning amount’ relates to the amount of money you’d be happy to walk way with. Calculate both figures based of the odds and payouts of the game in question and do your best to stick within these boundaries. Looking deeper into the games themselves and how they operate, you shouldn’t play under the premises that you are simply waiting on a payout. Online games don’t ‘charge up’ like the old land-based machines used to. Every spin is completely autonomous, which means is doesn’t how much money you plough into the game, the winning percentage will never change.

When it comes to fun, very little else can outdo the exhilaration and excitement of spinning the slots. Problem is that for all the fun it presents on the surface, behind the curtain things begin to become a little more complicated. Safety is the key to success when you play the slots, with the foundations of such being found within structure, strategy, and financial control. If you really want to bet safe with an eye on success, follow all that has been mentioned in this guide and you won’t go far wrong.

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Different forms of blackjack

After reading through our initial blackjack variation breakdown, you have been given a brief taster of what’s available, but that isn’t all you’ll find online. Next time you visit an online casino portal, keep an eye for the following blackjack variations if you want to mix up your online blackjack playing experience – You can find guides to to learn blackjack at sites like CasinoRaters.

High Streak Blackjack – Almost completely online exclusive, High Streak Blackjack is slowly becoming the guilty pleasure of many an online blackjack player. The reason for its popularity comes from the fact that it rewards players who can read the deck and stay on tempo as the game is played. Expect High Streak Blackjack to offer a faster online blackjack experience than the standard version of the game.

Matchplay 21 Blackjack – Popular at land-based casinos, but also gaining a following online, Matchplay 21 Blackjack adds increased payouts and jackpots to the game. It qualifies as an “increased ante” online blackjack variation; making it a true high stakes option for players. When you play Macthpay 21 Blackjack you can undoubtedly win big, but be prepared to pay-in big in order to do so.

Multi-Hand Blackjack – Online exclusive and a game that is perfect for players who like to keep plenty of cards in the air. A common variation, Multi-Hand Blackjack involves managing multiple-hands at once during a game. While common Multi-Hand Blackjack can often prove to be an intense twist on the traditional blackjack setup.

Perfect Pairs Blackjack – This variation has emerged from the streets of jolly old England and is now a feature at online casinos the world over. Consisting of a high house edge, it is a game that requires some true British stiff upper lip to play properly. The difficulty comes through the side bets involved, as players need to land certain pairs and colour mixes in order to increase their winnings.

Pitch Blackjack – Regularly referred to as single-deck or double-blackjack, Pitch Blackjack sticks closely to the original rules of the game, but does require a different approach in order to find success. The game automatically assumes that you are counting cards, so the minimum pay-in is increased in order to keep players on their toes.

Pontoon – A globally known blackjack variation and one that also emerged from England. Pontoon differs from the norm when it comes to betting mechanics. Players are not allowed to stand on card totals under 21, but betting after buying and doubling down is allowed. Five card tricks are implemented too; meaning any five-card hand under 21 automatically beats whatever the dealer has.

Spanish 21 – Removing all the 10s and favouring the house. Spanish 21 does away with the usual rules and puts players on the back foot from the outset. While fun to play, Spanish 21 is a game for those who fancy a real challenge when they play online blackjack.

Super Fun 21 – Frantic and fun, Super Fun 21 is an interesting twist on the game of blackjack. Crazy in many aspects, that hands really do fly in this variation and players will need to be ‘in the zone’ in order to find true success.

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Visit Leo Vegas Today!

With so many online gaming venues to choose from, choosing the right one can sometimes prove a little difficult. Thankfully there are a variety of online forums, chat rooms and portals to help you make the right decision.

Using knowledge from such sites will help you to find a reputable casino offering the games you enjoy and the customer service you expect. One such casino worth taking a look at is Leo Vegas. From slots to classic slots, to live games, blackjack and roulette, plus a handful of other games – there is something to suit all players.

The site itself is extremely user friendly and those who visit Leo Vegas will find navigating around each page very easy. There are over 25 ‘top’ games to choose from, all of which boast contemporary features and modern-day graphics. These include the likes of Vegas Party, Twin Spin, Starburst, Cleopatra, Golden Goddess, Spartacus, Davinci Diamonds and Foxin’ Wins to name but a few. On top of this, you’ll also find an impressive 359 slot games – an ideal option for beginner players, especially those looking for sites offering free spins.

Other games to look out for include 12 exclusive options, 23 classic slot games, 10 live games and 15 jackpots. If you can’t find a game you enjoy here, then it’s highly unlikely you’ll be able to find one anywhere!

The entire site boasts a bright, energetic design, as well as some great start-up bonuses including a 200% bonus and 200 free spins. The highest ever mobile win to be recorded at the venue was 4.4 million pounds, which makes it a great option for those looking to get their hands on a big jackpot! Of course, it’s important to bet wisely, which is why having a wagering budget in mind is always a good idea. Capping your daily spend will help you to only wager what you can afford, as opposed to getting a nasty shock at the end of the month!

On top of this, you’ll find an impressive selection of new games (which are constantly updated) speedy withdrawals and 24/7 customer service. Having on tap customer service is a massive attraction to new players, especially those who are a little unsure of the rules and also, those that have certain wagering queries that they would like to discuss. Knowing you can talk to a specialist at any time of the day makes beginner players feel safe, secure and well looked after.

As well as offering promotions to new players, Leo Vegas also releases bonus rounds in correspondence to new game releases, which in turn allow amateur and beginner players to get a feel for a new game – all whilst using the casino’s money instead of their own to place a bet. Once you feel confident in game play, you can then begin to think about using your own account to place a wager.

If you like the sound of this casino and all that it has to offer, why not visit it today? Or if you would like a second opinion, check out SverigesCasinos review of Leo Vegas. You can sign up to the site in a matter of minutes and registration will grant you access to every game and bonus round available. Simply visit the Leo Vegas website and get started. Once you have a username and password, you can log in as and when you please, from where you like! This may be on a plane, at home or in a waiting room! All that is required is an active Internet connection and a device to play on.


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The Ins and Outs of Online Video Poker Today

Playing online is hugely popular today, especially when there is so much choice available to avid gamers! One of the more prevalent games comes in the shape of video poker – an easy-to-master, fun pastime.

Of course, even though the game is very easy to learn it’s still important to pick up a few tips and strategies prior to placing a real cash wager. You can learn how to play the game using a number of online tutorials and also, by watching video tutorials at the likes of casino portals like VipCasino, gaming forums and player chat rooms

Doing so will certainly improve your game playing skills, hopefully turning small bets into large cash winnings. It’s also a good idea to learn a few tried and tested strategies, many of which are written by the pros, which certainly means you can trust them!

Online game guides, such as those found at casino portals, allow participants to examine strategies before putting them to the test.  Features covered include the information on the likes of deck simplifiers, which can make all the difference between winning and losing a game.  Those willing to read up on these tips and strategies will improve both their confidence and skill base prior to placing a cash bet of their own – thus meaning they’ll be in with a much bigger chance of taking home the jackpot.

As online gaming continues to grow, a large number of today’s software sources and game designers are choosing to create an abundance of new game variations.  Such games are being used to expand the online gaming world on a whole, whilst also working to keep the attention of existing player and attract new gamers to their online gaming platforms.

Many people will be unsure of which video poker games to play, especially with so much choice available! This is when a good casino portal certainly comes to hand and also, knowing which casinos offer player incentives such as free games is an asset to all players. Trying your hand at a free game is a great way to ensure you enjoy what the game has to offer, but also, what the casino has to offer!

You’ll be able to view and read a number of video poker reviews online – all of which will help you to find a trustworthy site and one that offers the games you are skilled in and most importantly, the games you enjoy playing! At the end of the day, online gaming and the world of online casino entertainment is all about having fun. Winning is a bonus!

When it comes to finding the best places to play Video Poker, look for a site that features both user evaluations as well as reviews – this way you’ll be able to read up on player’s first hand experiences and you can guarantee these are the honest reviews.

Another factor to consider when searching for a venue offering Video Poker is the bonus offers available at the site in question. Many of today’s online gaming platforms offer a number of player benefits, including incentives and free play. Using these to your advantage is a must; especially as such bonuses allow you to play using the casino’s money as opposed to your own. Player promotions are an advantage to both professional players and new gamers.

Once you’ve found your ideal casino, you can play video poker when you want at a time that is convenient to you – this is just one of the many beauties of online gaming today.

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The ins and outs of Blackjack

Blackjack is not only an easy game to master, it’s an extremely popular online casino game that many play for fun, as well as to win. With more players choosing this game over craps, roulette and baccarat combined, it’s little wonder so many casinos are offering it today.

In order to play the game, you must begin by learning the rules – this involves learning the value of each card. Blackjack uses a standard deck of cards and each card in the deck has a value that remains stable throughout the game.

Number cards are valued at their face value, picture cards (including the Jack, Queen and King) are all valued at 10 and the Ace (the most versatile card in the game of Blackjack) is valued at a total of 1 or 11. The best hand you can receive is an Ace and a picture card as this equals to blackjack.

The second thing you should learn when playing the game of blackjack is that there are many choices available. There are two basic moves to take into consideration, these include ‘standing’ and ‘hitting’. If you choose to ‘hit’, this means you will receive another card. If you choose to ‘stand’ you simply keep your existing cards and stay as you are. There are other moves available, which include taking insurance, doubling down, splitting and surrendering.

Taking insurance: This move can only be made when the dealer is showing an Ace. Players are able to place a new bet that will pay out at 2-1 if the dealer does have a blackjack. However, if you lose your other bet (which would originally have paid out 1-1) you win the insurance. This results in an even break.

Double Down: This requires the player to double their bet. However, they’ll only be allowed to draw one more card. This is commonly applied to game play when two cards equal to a total of 8-11 or a soft 12 to a soft 19.

Split: Just as it suggests, splitting makes two hands from one hand. This only applies if both cards equal to the same value. In most cases, Tens, Jacks, Queens, and Kings are typically equal to a value of 10 each. When you split, if both of your hands are winning hands, you will get double the amount. On the other hand, if only one wins, you will break even, and if both hands lose, you will lose double the amount wagered.

Surrender: Most online casinos and land-based venues will allow you to play a move called ‘surrender’. This entitles players to (only before playing and after deciding whether or not the croupier has a blackjack) to give up half of their wager without actually taking part in the game. This particular tactic is generally only used when the dealer is showing a certain hand, and the player has a total between 5-7 or 12-16.

Learning these tips and tricks will certainly help you when it comes to playing for big money. If, however you choose to dive in head first without reading up on any rules, tactics or strategies then you’re most likely setting yourself up for a fail. With so many available sources available online, players in this day and age have no excuse not to learn a handful of strategies, all of which can be applied to the game of blackjack. For the latest tips and tricks, check out casino portals like CasinoSwe, where you can find both strategy guide, as well as reviews over popular roulette based online casinos such as Leo Vegas. If you have any of your own tried and tested strategies, you may even wish to swap these with other players too!


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Is Casino Room worth your attention?

In the later part of the last decade there was a boom when it came to online casinos. There was an attitude floating around the industry, that all it took to succeed as an online casino was a generic framework and an above average sign-up bonus. As time has gone by it has become clear that such isn’t the case, as it takes much more to become a name in the industry. So many of these upstart casinos would fall by the wayside as time passed, but there is one casino in particular that weathered the storm and come out as one of the few online casinos from that era to survive. Casino Room is one of those casinos that seems to feature in the middle of the road, but in 2015 they seem to be shaking off such tag, and after reading a positive reviews of them on another gambling blog,, I decided to give them a try.

It’s all in the games

3D animated games have been such a revelation in the world of online gambling, but you would be surprised to hear that many online casinos were reluctant to adopt such titles. Casino Room backed developers like BetSoft and introduced 3D games into their ranks early. That isn’t the only innovation that Casino Room has been a part of. As they offer players access to live casino games such as roulette, blackjack, and the not so seldom seen baccarat. Innovation may be one thing, but that doesn’t mean that Casino Room have neglected things on the traditional game front. You’ll find that all your favourites from NetEnt and OnGame are hear, along with classic table games such as casino hold ‘em, blackjack, roulette and baccarat. Casino Room offer players over 100 games and while this number may not be as high as other online casinos, the depth found is very impressive.

Money for nothing

Promotions may not be all players should look out for, but there is no doubt that online casinos in 2015 should be paying out in such department to get your custom. The problem with Casino Room has always been that there wasn’t much clarity when it came to bonuses. In many ways that is still the case, as it all depends on the day when it comes to the type of casino bonus you will receive. However, their VIP status has never been easier to obtain or more rewarding for that matter. Based on an old school points system, plays can accumulate them via games and deposits, with bonuses coming quarterly that include, cash back, free spins, tournaments spots, and much more.

Help is on hand

Casino Room break from the norm a touch when it comes to customer support. This is because they run a 24/7 setup, so no matter the day or the hour someone will be on hand to help you should you encounter any problems. Phone, email, and live chat options are available, along with one other unique support route. Casino Room are the first online casino I have seen to offer Skype support to their customers. Such a direct way of helping customers is a refreshing innovation that other online casinos should consider copying.

Stepping up

Casino Room may have come around late in the day, but to label them as another “average” casino would be hugely unfair. They gave grown to become a casino that isn’t afraid to take a risk and try new things, which I found to be refreshing in today’s environment. While the amount of games on show may be a little too limited for some, there is no doubt that Casino Room offers an entertaining gambling experience that is definitely worthy of your attention.

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